A Spontaneous Trip

As many of you know, traveling is one of my favorite things to do. The past few years, I always make a “bucket list” of five new places I want to go explore. 2020 had several awesome places on that list, but then CoVid-19 happened and I was unable to go to ALL the places I wanted to. However, I managed to go to TWO places that I had been itching to visit. The first place was Kona, Hawaii.

26 hours on the island…

Yes, you read that right! I wanted to visit Hawaii so badly and decided an overnight trip with my best friends for my 30th would be the best idea ever. My two girls said yes and a couple weeks later, we arrived in one of the most beautiful places I have been to.

We all woke up at 4am and met at the Ontario Airport to take a 530am flight to Oakland, to catch the ONE flight to Kona, Hawaii. We arrived in Kona around 130pm. The skies were crystal clear, the air was so fresh and clean. The three of us had never been, so we were all equally excited. We flew on the wonderful Southwest Airlines and the plane itself was pretty empty. We were able to walk around and stretch a bit. We all had our own rows, so we were able to nap, although the excitement kept us awake.

On the plane, ready to go!!!

So there we were, the three of us, in Kona. We took an Uber to Uncle Billy’s Hotel. It was cute and quiet. The rooms were worth the price, if you catch my drift. They were not anything fancy, but they did the job. We had made reservations a few weeks before the trip and signed up for early check in, however when we got there, that was not the case. We were annoyed but hey, it happens right? I mean, we were in HAWAII, that should not ruin our trip!!! We decided to take that time and go get some Mai Tai’s and calamari. I forget the name of the place we went to, but O…M…G… it was fabulous.

After checking in, we got all fancy and I was treated to a Luau at the Voyagers of the Pacific at the Royal Kona Resort. Y’all……. that was an experience I will forever hold on to. The food was incredible, the music and dancing was beautiful. It was a dream come true to me. I got to see the most gorgeous sunset I have ever laid eyes on, and I shared it with two of my best friends. If any of you out there know anything about me, it’s that I love a good sunset. There is just something so magical about them. I often find myself getting lost in a sunset when I see a good one. The rest of the world seems to disappear.

The next morning we went to breakfast at Island Lava Java. We were welcomed so warmly and quickly. The service there was exceptional. I loved it so much, I started following them on Instagram, but in case I someday find myself back on the island. After breakfast, we had to go pack up and make the long journey back to Southern California.

What I learned from this experience:

Having good friends will make your life so much better. Having friends that are willing to take risks and go on a mini adventure, across an ocean with you, that is a treasure hard to find. I learned to appreciate the little things just a little more while I was on this trip. I was living the dream, for 26 hours, but that experience will forever be held in my heart. I left all my “real life” issues back in California. I went on this trip with a small budget and a grateful heart. If you are reading this, thinking about making a spontaneous trip, you have my full support. Grab a couple friends and make it happen. You wont regret it, I promise.

One of my favorites….

My whole life I have always been one who doesn’t like to sit still or stay home. I love being out and about, exploring and adventuring. Before I joined the airlines, I drove all over. My daughter and I took so many trips, and after I started working for Southwest, that passion for traveling only got bigger.

Our last really good trip was to San Francisco back in September of 2019. I had woke up late to get B ready for school and decided let’s play hookie instead! I know, not the best parenting on my part. However, I take advantage of those situations and teach her so much while we are out and about. Plus, those are the memories she will hold onto long after I’m gone, right?

Exploring the Palace of Fine Arts

That trip was one for the books! We flew into Oakland and took the train down to the Embarcadero and walked all over the city. We got our Starbucks drinks in the Financial District and embraced the busy sidewalks, watching men and women in suits, power walking and talking in their cell phones.

After walking up to Pier 39 and having lunch at the Chart House, we made our way down to Fisherman’s Warf and then Fort Mason. We had already walked so much that we figured a little more walking couldn’t hurt!!!! We decided to check off a bucket list item for me. That’s right….. we were going to walk the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was such a gorgeous walk, although very windy! We walked at sunset, which is our favorite time of the day. Being there on that bridge, as the sun goes down, in our favorite city, was a moment I won’t ever forget.

What are some of your favorite places to visit? Comment below and let me know!!!