Where Do You Find Peace?

This is one of the questions that some of us have to dig deep to find the answer. It took me only a few minutes to really come up with a solid answer. I find peace in so many things, but one of my favorites is writing. I have always been one who can get her feels off her chest ten times easier if I am writing it down, rather than speaking. There is a safety that comes with writing down how your heart feels rather than saying it out loud. Other things I find peace in include smooth, slow easy listening music. I actually have a playlist on Pandora with that exact title: “Easy Listening”. If you have not yet searched for it, you need to. The third thing I find peace in, is baking. I love to bake. Truth be told, I love to cook as well, but the boyfriend is an incredible chef, so I put more of my effort into baking. Lastly and honestly, the most important one to me are sunsets. I find so much peace in looking at a sunset. Nothing calms my soul more than looking up into the sky and seeing the variance in colors, taking in the cool fresh air. I feel centered. I feel whole.


Obviously I have to include writing in this blog, right? I mean, it is my outlet. It is how I get things off my chest. It is how I can sort out my thoughts, however good or bad they are. I have never been one to sit and talk out my feelings, but if you give me a notebook and a pen, I will write down my feelings until my hands cramp up and my fingers bleed.

When I was a teenager, I used to find writing as my saving grace. As an adult, I still do. I have written many short stories, many love letters, and lots and lots of poetry. With all that being said, I haven’t shared any of it with the world, until now. I have always felt my words never really meant anything, except to me, so why should I share it. It was only until recently that I decided maybe what I have to say, maybe my experiences can help someone, somehow, somewhere.

What Changed?

You maybe wondering if I was so private about my writing all my life, why on Earth would you randomly decide to share it. What changed? What happened? Honestly??? So much in my life has changed. So much in my life has happened. Whenever I get any type of bad news, from my mom being sick, losing my brother, wanting to die myself, all the way to divorce, motherhood, I ALWAYS am looking for someone who has a blog and an article relating to what I am going through. I figured since I do that, others probably do too. My blog in its entirety is for those people. To those who are in a dark area in life all the way to those who are rejoicing over something really amazing. I am hoping to connect with you all, just like I have connected with authors of other blogs. The only difference is, these are my words to you, my heart poured out for you to relate to.


“Sometimes music speaks what your heart feels inside”

-Unknown Author

That quote goes along side my writing. Whenever I get the chance, I will turn my music on and escape. Currently, I am sitting in my kitchen, listening to Kane Brown’s “Heaven” and I am writing. The sun is setting. The only thing that would add to this peaceful moment I am in, is if I had a glass of wine. Unfortunately I am all out!!!!!!

I find music to be the healer of all my sorrows. The words and notes hit differently for literally every mood I am in. That is the absolute glory of music. When my heart is breaking, I know I can put on some slow sappy country music and feel the same vibes those artists are singing about. I can cry my eyes out then switch over and throw some Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and instantly I’ll smile and laugh. Suddenly, my world changes, just like magic. I find peace within the words of others I guess.

What’s Baking???

This is something I don’t do nearly enough as I would like to. Baking is my passion, more than writing, more than music. All the effort, all the dedication that goes into literally anything I make is worth every bit of work when someone takes that first bite. I get that glorious satisfaction, almost overwhelmed with pride, when they close their eyes and just embrace that special moment…. that my friends, is why I bake. Baking, to me, is a way that I can add some special to someone else’s day. Now, I wont claim to be the best baker. I am far from it. I still have an insane amount to learn.

I have learned that baking is one of my love languages. That is one way I am able to tell someone I love them. This passion started at a young age. I have come a long way since then. My parents will be among the first to tell anyone how horrible I was when I first started baking. I’d get so excited that I wouldn’t pay attention to the directions, and I would ALWAYS forget something. One time I forgot to add the water in the mix while making brownie’s. They came out exactly how you’d expect. Inedible and hard as a rock. My parents laughter and jokes only pushed me to keep trying and get better, and I did!

Baking is one of those things that is all about precision. Because of that, it is impossible for me to think about anything else when I am in the kitchen. My baking takes all my focus. If my music is on while I am baking, I legit will forget about anything and everything else happening in the world. I find peace.

The Promise of a New Dawn

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I will always and forever be the girl who stops to watch the sun go down. There is something so majestic about the sun setting to me. I honestly cannot even explain why I love them so much.

Shortly after my older brother passed away, I sat outside alone and watched the sun go down. I looked up to the sky, watched the birds fly, watched the colors change and cried. I cried hard. To me, that sunset, those colors, the peace within it, was a gift from God. He was telling me He was listening to what my heart was saying. From that day forward, my appreciation for a sunset only grew more and more. I now go out of my way to watch the sun go down whenever I can. It has become the time of day where I stare up to the sky thank my maker for all He has given me and for all I have.

Sunsets have a special way of taking ANY mood I am in, any distress I am under, and soothing my soul. They have a way of calming my soul. To me, watching the sun set is God’s way of saying “You are welcome.”

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Peace?

  1. Hey! Really liked what you wrote about trying to find an article or a blog entry in times of distress. That really resonated with me, as I am doing it, too, and I used to think that I was the only one!! Thank you and be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

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