One of my favorites….

My whole life I have always been one who doesn’t like to sit still or stay home. I love being out and about, exploring and adventuring. Before I joined the airlines, I drove all over. My daughter and I took so many trips, and after I started working for Southwest, that passion for traveling only got bigger.

Our last really good trip was to San Francisco back in September of 2019. I had woke up late to get B ready for school and decided let’s play hookie instead! I know, not the best parenting on my part. However, I take advantage of those situations and teach her so much while we are out and about. Plus, those are the memories she will hold onto long after I’m gone, right?

Exploring the Palace of Fine Arts

That trip was one for the books! We flew into Oakland and took the train down to the Embarcadero and walked all over the city. We got our Starbucks drinks in the Financial District and embraced the busy sidewalks, watching men and women in suits, power walking and talking in their cell phones.

After walking up to Pier 39 and having lunch at the Chart House, we made our way down to Fisherman’s Warf and then Fort Mason. We had already walked so much that we figured a little more walking couldn’t hurt!!!! We decided to check off a bucket list item for me. That’s right….. we were going to walk the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was such a gorgeous walk, although very windy! We walked at sunset, which is our favorite time of the day. Being there on that bridge, as the sun goes down, in our favorite city, was a moment I won’t ever forget.

What are some of your favorite places to visit? Comment below and let me know!!!

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